Niall Horan and Liam Payne, The Mutual Adoration

When the One Direction boys got put together as a band on the X-Factor back in summer 2010, things could have been so different. They could have easily hated eachother, but thankfully, Niall, Liam, Harry, Louis -and Zayn, became friends the minutes they were formed. And they are still going strong after 5 years ‘I Love that we can still have a laugh after so many years”. 

Liam’s friendships with the boys never fails to make us smile, but the one with Niall, also known as Niam, is on another level of cuteness. It’s a bromance that function on a more mature level  and consists of lingering glances, stolen smiles and mutual adoration. Here’s to 5 years of bromance, and many more.

In fact, Niam is real. Niam is definitely real. It’s all thanks to Payno. Remember that twitcam where Liam was randomly answering fans questions and stumble on a Niam one and couldn’t resist but show off his love for the irish kid ? That was very cute. And talking about twitcam, the 18th April was truly a blessing for all the Niam lovers : watching Niall and Liam messing around in the middle of the night, just singing song and laughing in their pyjamas, what could we ask for next ? To do it again now, maybe. 

Liam has always been supportive of Niall “I think what makes Niall beautiful is his nice blonde hair, his Irish accent and he’s carefree personnality”. He’s Niall number #1 fan. We couldn’t hold back our giggles when Liam went crazy on Twitter, fangirling over Niall, even calling himself Mrs Horan before posting pics of the two of them together, and it amplified how adorable and cute these two are together and their beautiful friendship.

Niall is a great friend for Liam too, proof : When Liam tripped during a show in Porto on the Where We Are Tour, he had to sit for the whole concert, then  Niall constantly went there to check on him shortly, and when the boys were on the stage that goes up, our Niam boys waved at each other from accross the stage.

What make them such great friends is just their adoration for each other. They might have their birthday almost on the same month and year, Niall will always look up at Liam as an older brother. They take care of each other and enjoy some cuddles and dance moves on stage. He’ll always let Liam hold him and mess around with him just because he likes it.

Written by CelebMix