Niall Horan Announces Opening Acts for First Solo Tour

When Niall Horan announced his first solo tour, fans were thrilled. Niall spent the last few months performing as a musical guest on television shows and on a summer radio tour. His stage presence only gets better with every show he plays, so fans were more than ready to see him embark on his own this time.

His ‘Flicker Sessions’ tour begins in Dublin on August 29th and ends on November 22nd in San Francisco. He’s packed a lot of shows into a small window of time and has already promised a bigger go around for the future. He just wanted to get on the road after he wrote his album and we have to say, we’re glad he did it.

Now, just two weeks before his tour starts, he’s announced his opening acts and he’s bringing a piece of home along with him. His first Tweet said he wants to make the tour as Irish as possible, and he’s bringing guests on tour who are his friends and people with a like sound.

He then began a series of Tweets highlighting the guests he’d be bringing along with him, and we are so excited.

First, Wild Youth will be taking the stage before Niall on his Olympia date, their Twitter can be found here and he says they’re absolutely a ‘must see’.

For London and Stockholm, Picture This will be joining him and as fans of them already, we’re thrilled that they’ll be on the Flicker Sessions Tour.

He then announced his opening act for his US shows and not only is it one of his favorite artists, it’s one of ours too and we are so glad that they’ll be doing so many shows together. His US leg of the tour is the longest and this act will rock every show. Did you guess it was Gavin James? If so, you nailed it. Oh, and he’ll be on board for the Toronto show, too.

Niall went on to say that for the Atlanta and Orlando shows, he’s got another treat for fans. He’ll be bringing his American pal Corey Harper along for the ride. That means Atlanta fans will see both Gavin and Corey at their show.

We think it’s awesome that Niall reached out to so many artists, especially acts to help his shows keep that Irish sound, and that they agreed to help shape his first solo tour. We have a feeling this will be one of the most talked about tours if 2017. Rightfully so.

Will you be seeing Niall on his Flicker Sessions Tour? Let us know.

Written by Ashley

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