Niall Horan BBC Radio1 interview with Nick Grimshaw: Our favorite moments

On May 5th, Niall Horan sat with Nick Grimshaw for an interview at the Breakfast show on BBC Radio 1. The singer came on to promote his newly released single “Slow Hands”. Grimshaw first tweeted about the show on 1st May 2017:

The tweet sent fans into a guessing game of all the questions that would be asked to Horan. As it turned out, the interview was super fun and we got to know a lot about our (now) brunette. Here are some of our favorite moments from the Breakfast show:

Let’s play “Sign of the Times”

When Grimshaw asked Horan to choose a song for him to play on the radio, Horan immediately chose Harry’s single. The level of admiration he constantly shows for his fellow members’ solo endeavors was truly commendable and quite adorable.

Imitating Olly Murs

Horan shared with Grimshaw the kind of relationship he has with Olly Murs. He talked about how good Murs is both as a human and as a singer, calling him “all-rounded”. The interview gave us a lot of funny moments. One of the moments was when Horan imitated Olly Murs. He brilliantly took Murs’ voice and accent. Both artists share a very good bond which became quite evident in the show.

Collaboration with Shawn Mendes? Yes!

Grimshaw asked Horan the question fans have been waiting for. He asked if there is a chance of his collaborating with the Treat You Better hitmaker. Horan answered in affirmative and said he is just looking for time and that he would love to work with Mendes. Yay! Our dream will definitely come true.

Fanboy Niall

We all are fanboys and fangirls of one artist or the other. Horan is no different. He shared his fanboy moment when he got a chance to talk to his favorite actor Jamie Foxx. He also shared that it was the first time for him to go and ask a celebrity for a selfie but it was definitely worth it.

Niall-the impersonator

Grimshaw told fans about the impersonators who earn living impersonating 1D  members. One such person is Dave who is famous for impersonating Niall. In a game introduced by Nick Grimshaw, Horan impersonated as a parent looking for a Niall impersonator and called up Dave asking him for his services. The hilarious encounter ended with Niall revealing his identity to Dave who could believe he was talking to the singer. Well, the game turned out like a treat for fans as they got to hear Horan’s beautiful voice as he sang a bit of “This Town”. Check out call moment below:

During the interview, Niall talked about a lot of things. He discussed his writing process, his love for golf, and all the things he has done during hiatus. It was indeed a fun and a refreshing interview,

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