Niall Horan talks life and music with Smallzy

Since the debut of ‘This Town’, fans of Niall Horan have been anxiously awaiting his solo album debut. He spent the latter half of 2016 working in the studio on the album before taking a break to spend time with friends and family over the holidays. He announced that the start of 2017 would bring with it more time for Niall to get to work and perfect the songs that would make the final cut. He’s taking his time to make sure his album is perfect. He wants something incredible to give to his fans.

Now, of course, fans are sure that anything Niall comes up with will be great. His songwriting, guitar playing, and vocals in One Direction were incredible, and with ‘This Town’ – he showed that he plans to make solo music that hits fans right in the emotions. We would expect nothing less.

Today, Niall did an interview with Smallzy at his home, which was comfortable and fun. During the interview, he touched base on how he wants to produce a variety of songs for this album – with his tour in mind – so he can keep an audience on their feet. He also gave some Valentine’s Day advice and mentioned, for the hundredth time, that fans of One Direction need not worry – they WILL be back.

When it came to dating advice, which is good beyond Valentine’s Day, Niall said a few things about chivalry. First, “You ALWAYS pay for the whole thing” in terms of the check. Second,”Play it by ear on public displays of affection and gifts” – it’s totally how you think the girl will react.

Although, Niall’s entire life is on a public display more often than not. Niall did say that he can get away with being out and about in Los Angeles now without getting all but trampled, and he quite enjoys it. It’s good to know that there are respectful fans when they see him, and the rest of the lads, enjoying some time around town.

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Written by Ashley

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