Niall Horan chats with Radio Personality JoJo Wright

Last night Niall Horan sat down with radio personality JoJo Wright to discuss his solo project, crazy fan encounters, Jingle Ball and more.

Since he released his smash hit “This Town” Niall has been constantly working on new material and making sure he puts out the best album he possibly can.

“I thought that I’ve written a lot of it or all of it. And then as I been recording and about yesterday I recorded my 8th song, and I started make a track listing. Obviously, I’ve got high expectations of myself for myself so I want to make it the best I can. So, I just felt like a couple of songs were lacking a bit… slacking I should say, and I am going to redo that again then take a little bit of time off for the new year. And chill out for a bit because since I brought the song out I have been promo-ing and studio time so I kind of need to chillax a little bit for a second, regroup and try to rewrite a few more”

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Niall talked about Jingle Ball and playing shows. How he wants to play more, the AMA’s gave him the taste of performing live and hopes to tour by the end of next year. He shared how he records his songs, all together in the studio. The drums, guitar the whole band is in the room recording at the same time.

The next time we do One Direction I’ll be 100% getting them to do that cause it’s just the best way

We’re looking forward to Niall’s album, tour and watching him perform at Jingle Ball. Follow us on Twitter @CelebMix for all the latest Niall news and updates!


Written by Amber Nordberg

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