Niall Horan Is the First One Direction Member to top Adult Pop Songs Chart as a Solo Artist

When Niall Horan released ‘Slow Hands’ a follow up to his first solo single ‘This Town’, it was an instant hit. The tune allowed Niall to show his talent and vocal abilities while having a more mature vibe as well. It’s a song we still listen to every day, be it on the radio or our own playlists.

The song also put Niall in front of a new audience and was received well by channels across pop music. In fact, ‘Slow Hands’ broke a record this week on the Adult Pop Songs Chart and we couldn’t be more proud or excited for Niall right now.

He is the first member of One Direction to top the Adult Pop Songs Chart and that’s a moment to be proud of. He worked really hard on his solo sound, spent months in the studio perfecting his album, and is already touring it across the world without having released it in full yet.

It takes both talent and passion to achieve what Niall has, both in One Direction and on his solo venture thus far. His debut album, Flicker, will be released on October 20th, which means we’re less than two weeks away from hearing the songs he’s given so much of himself to.

Niall will also have an Apple Music Documentary, titled On The Record: Flicker which launches alongside his album and gives fans a behind the scenes look into the making of his big solo debut. The announcement, made by Apple today, also says that the documentary will feature acoustic performances of the songs on the album.

Niall gave fans a preview of the documentary today, in which you can hear his song ‘Mirrors’ playing in the background. We have to say, we have a feeling this will be our go-to album for the end of 2017.

Written by Ashley

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