Niall Horan joins James Corden on The Late Late Show

Since the release of his first solo tune ‘This Town’, Niall Horan has been keeping very busy making radio, television, and even award show appearances to promote the hit song. In addition to performances, he’s also been talking about what fans should expect from him in both the near and distant future – as well on a One Direction reunion – yes; it’ll happen, no the boys don’t know when but this is certainly not the end for them.

So while the promise of the boys has been further solidified, it’s exciting now to just focus on Niall and the incredible music he’s busy recording and fine tuning for an album and a tour after that! The spotlight is his, and he truly deserves it. He’s already lined up his first set of shows as he makes an appearance across the US for the KIIS FM Jingle Ball Tour and paid visits to The Graham Norton Show and The Ellen Show!

Niall Horan joins James Corden on The Late Late Show 1

Last night, Niall paid a visit to his friend and funny man James Corden for a performance and chat which left fans, both in the audience and at home, laughing so hard that they came close to tears!

There were salmon yogurt smoothies (gross), jokes to go around, hard hitting questions, and also, thanks to the Internet, a surprise group photo with the rest of the 1D boys; kind of.

Niall Horan joins James Corden on The Late Late Show 2

Niall’s performance of ‘This Town’ was done beautifully, no surprise there, and with each appearance he makes to sing the tune, you can see his humble heart and thankful smile grow alongside his confidence as he embarks on this solo journey. He’s worked incredibly hard to be where he is and he doesn’t take a moment of it for granted.

Niall has always loved being around his friends, the people he cares most about, and interview after interview proves just how much both his friends in the business and his fans mean to him.

We are sure we’ll see more of James and Niall in the near future, but until then, tweet us at @CelebMix and tell us what your favorite part of Niall’s appearance on The Late Late show was!


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