Niall Horan just kicked off the #R1TeenAwards and he Absolutely Smashed It

Rumors began flying earlier this week that Niall Horan would make a special appearance at the R1 Teen Awards when he met fans outside of rehearsals for pictures and autographs. Since the release of his first solo single, ‘This Town’, Niall has been preparing spots on television shows to perform the tune, talk about his upcoming projects, and even get in some practice for his first solo performances at the KISS Jingle Ball tour later this year.

His first stop was the Graham Norton show where he sat down for an interview before singing This Town to a crowd of excited fans; he was visibly nervous, after the performance stating that this was ‘the first time he was doing this alone’ but he absolutely smashed it and fans were incredibly proud.

In true Niall form, he made them even more proud as he, not only showed up to the awards, but opened the night up with his performance of ‘This Town’! He was visibly more relaxed with this performance but just as excited and humble as the first time he took the stage alone. After years of sharing it with his best mates, this is an adjustment for him that he’s handling incredibly well.

Niall has spoken candidly about his solo project with a number of radio and television personalities since the debut of ‘This Town’ and with each interview comes a little more of the well deserved pride he feels for the work he’s put into this so far. At first he says he wasn’t sure what/who he was writing for, just that he wanted to get into the studio, but once he put some songs together and saw what he’d created, he wanted to share them with his fans – and we are so happy that he did.

Niall, Liam, Harry, and Louis are exploring their solo projects as they take time away from One Direction, and as fans of the band and the lads as individuals, we are more lucky than ever at the prospect of all of the new and exciting things in the future for all of them.

Now is truly Niall’s time to shine and as he does so, it’s time for the fans to be more supportive than ever! This is all part of a great adventure and Niall is more than deserving of everything that’s coming his way. Plus, it’s not every day you get to kick off the R1 Teen Awards; he’s a legend!

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Written by Ashley

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