Niall Horan Reaches 15M Followers On Instagram

If you’ve been paying attention to the social media of Niall, Liam, Harry, and Louis during One Direction’s hiatus so far you’ve been able to see a bit of what’s changed now that the boys aren’t on stage every other night.  One of the nicest things about their new social media activity is that Niall has been taking a lot of selfies (and he looks INCREDIBLE) alongside some cool photos of what he’s been involved with during his down time.  From golf, to backpacking, to concerts – Niall is doing a little bit of everything – and it’s super fun to keep up with him while he’s doing it.

On April 7th Niall reached 15M followers on Instagram!

Niall Horan Reaches 15M Followers On Instagram 1

Niall has one of the most personal Instagram accounts out of the One Direction lads!  There are a lot of selfies, snaps of him and his pals, photos of the places he’s traveled, pictures of the important people in his life, and a lot of looks into what makes Niall happy.

Some of our favorite photos of Niall and the rest of the lads have actually come from his Instagram account – he’s posted some really sweet ones, some that make us laugh, and some behind the scenes looks at their antics before they took the stage.  It’s been the most interactive journey fans were able to take with the boys so far and we love how much of his life he’s willing to share.

Plus – Niall’s Instagram account gave us ‘Where are we going today Mark?’ and honestly we’re questioning why he doesn’t have 55M followers for that alone!

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While Niall enjoys the rest of his time off, we anticipate seeing more golf photos, snaps at the bar with his lads from home, selfies, and we’re sure that whenever the band goes on that lads vacation that Niall will be our hero and document it all for us, with pictures and videos!

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We have to say, we’re quite fond of this one!  Congratulations Niall on 15M followers and thanks for making the memories so easy for us all to look back on.

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