Niall Horan receives the Arnie Award for Charity Work

We may sound like a broken record by now, but the lads of One Direction have got to be the most charitable guys in the world. From their charity work as a band, to projects they work with on their own, they’re constantly finding ways to give back. Niall has worked with many charities over his time in the band and since they’ve been on their hiatus.

Niall doesn’t do his charity work for recognition, he does it because he feels privileged to have what he does in this life and wants to give back in any way that he can. He told Golf Digest that since the beginning of One Direction, they’ve tried to find ways to change the lives of other people.

“I appreciate how lucky I am to be in this position, from the very start of the band, we’ve all made an effort to give back as much as we could.”

Niall has raised over a million pounds for charities that aim to improve the lives of children with cancer, he’s worked with Trekstock, made visits to hospitals, took part in Red Nose Day, and also donated to charities that his fellow bandmates were involved with.  Niall is a gift to this world – he’s everyone’s biggest fan – and Golf Digest saw that within him as well.

For those reasons, and then some, Niall was recognized with the Arnie Award. The Arnie Award is presented to golfers who give back. In addition to his charity work, as Niall spends more time in and around the sport he’s been making a name for himself by supporting up and coming golfers. Modest! Golf Management was launched by Niall recently, and with an incredible team beside him, he feels like talented young golfers will be able to get a lot from their company.

We’re proud of Niall here at CelebMix, and can’t say enough how humbled we are to be fans of his. Congrats on your award, you earned it.

Written by Ashley

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