Niall Horan Releases ‘Slow Hands’ Lyric Video

Niall Horan released ‘Slow Hands’ just weeks ago and the song is an absolute smash. It’s a bit sultry, a bit funky, and his vocals are totally inviting. It’s a song you want to jam to, and watching Niall perform it during his radio shows you can tell that he feels the same way. Niall feels the same way.

Today, he released a lyric video for the tune but it was more of a behind the scenes look into creating it. It’s got footage in the studio, of Niall driving his car, and otherwise hanging out and having a blast. It’s also got some pre-performance footage of a few of his radio show performances. Needless to say, we love it.

This lyric video takes on a different life than his lyric video for ‘This Town’ and while they’re both incredible, we’re big fans of this one. Niall has a blast in the studio, he doesn’t just sing – he puts on a little show of his own and his friends/bandmates get in on it too. You also see Julian Bunetta helping him mix the tune, and it’s fun to see the two working together again. There are shots where Niall just looks into the camera, or the camera pans in on him, and he’s laughing and looking incredibly happy.

His solo project is definitely something he enjoys, it’s something he puts his heart into, and it’s something that he genuinely loves sharing with his fans. We feel lucky to be here to watch it. Niall’s debut solo album should be out sometime very soon and he plans to tour the album soon after it’s release, so we’re hoping to get a lot more videos like this one in the future.

Written by Ashley

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