Niall Horan talks travelling, his music, and future plans

Niall Horan has really taken the most out of his time while on hiatus. He’s been travelling, playing his favourite sports, attending events, and, in his own words, doing all the things he didn’t quite get to do during his time spent in the band.

Niall Horan talks travelling, his music, and future plans 3


In his world of these amazing new adventures and experiences, Niall has also set some time apart to work on his music.

In his most recent interview with iHeartRadio, Horan has taken the time to talk about everything that’s been going on in his life in between the hiatus and up to this point. He looks back on his time spent travelling through Southeast Asia, and mentions his upcoming plans and projects.

First and foremost, he talks about debut solo single “This Town”

“It’s basically about when you had that girl or guy that you dated when you were like 12. But then you go home, and you haven’t been home in a long time, and you just bump into them everywhere you go. It’s got that kind of idea behind it.”

When asked about when he started working on his solo project, Niall revealed that he gained a lot of inspiration while backpacking through Asia:

“I got back from backpacking in Southeast Asia in the end of February, so in March or April I started writing. And “This Town” was actually one of the first songs that I wrote.”

“I had a lot of time to write down a lot of stuff, like ideas, and stuff like that. So that’s where a lot of my ideas came from.”

Niall Horan talks travelling, his music, and future plans 2

While many know that Niall basically vanished off the face of the earth for a while, he explains that he was just going on unplanned and spontaneous trips.

“Going backpacking was spontaneous. As we were moving around, we booked the next place. We didn’t really think too much into it, and then just get like a $30 flight to somewhere in Cambodia. It was kind of very random, didn’t think that much into it. Everything had been planned for me up until then; hotels, and traveling all over the world. So I wanted to do it our way.”


And his future album?

For this album, Niall revealed that he is a week away from a session in London with Iain Archer, the writer of James Bay’s massive hit “Hold Back The River”. Niall has been working on his album in his spare time, and he admits that all of his songs are either voice-notes or demos.


Niall Horan talks travelling, his music, and future plans 4Niall Horan talks travelling, his music, and future plans 5


He also told fans what to expect from his newest tunes:

“I just think it’s honest and naturally me. Like what I would pick up and play, people know my taste in music so it’s gonna be kinda based around that. I’ve been heavily influenced by like Bob Dylan and The Lumineers, and people like that, on this album. And David Gray. So I’ve been trying to get a good mix of everyone and with a twist of myself.”


And you’ll be glad to hear that this album will feature both acoustic and production songs:

“There’s one [song] in particular that’s probably my favorite that is literally, from what I can kind of guess, it’s gonna be just me and an acoustic guitar, and maybe a tiny, little bit of piano.”

“But the rest of them are a bit more gigged up, because if I play 13 of like ‘This Town’ at a concert, you’d probably bore people to death, so I’m not gonna do that. And also, I have these bands that I grew up listening to have up tempo music too, so I’m looking forward to getting out there, and doing some shows actually.”


You can watch the full interview in the video below!


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