Why Niall Horan Is Your Perfect Valentine

We all know that Niall Horan is an incredible human being, and now we have looked at why he would be our perfect Valentine!  Valentine’s Day is coming up, which means time for us to confess our love to..well our loved ones!  Niall is someone who never fails to make you smile, laugh, and is easy to fall in love with – no wonder he’s on our list for the most perfect valentines.

5. He’s a family guy!

Niall loves his friends and families. Besides his relatives – we all know that his fans are also his family and knowing how much he loves people around him is part of what makes him so incredible.  He shows everyone his passion and appreciation as much as possible. These are the people who he always puts first. Now, who doesn’t like a family guy who is willing to do anything for his loved ones? Niall is someone that protects his family at all costs and we love him for doing that! Go Niall, go!

4. He loves being himself

Many One Direction fans love Niall and all the boys because they accept themselves no matter what. Fans grew up with them struggling and recieving negative comments and watching the lads accept those and instead focus on the positive. We can see that Niall really accepts and appreciate himself even through their film, This Is Us (throwback) when Niall was accused of having gas. Even something that little he felt that everyone should admit to it because it’s something ‘beautiful’ that someone has created. If you can laugh at yourself – you can do anything! This is a great example of him being okay with who he is. Besides, Niall is a fool around the cameras all the time! He is not afraid to show himself to people and that’s why we love him so much!

3. His eyes are ocean blue

Niall’s eyes could captivate you any time, any day!  Honestly, they’re so gorgeous that it is hard not to stare. You can learn a lot about a person through their eyes and we love to imagine being Niall’s date, staring at them filled with excitement and love. You get lost by his eyes as you two get to know each other. You two continue to talk the night away and that’s it, the moment you know he is the perfect Valentine.  For those of us not lucky enough to be his valentine – we’re still pretty blessed to see his kind eyes as much as we have and know how lovely the boy behind them is.

2. He’s the light of the room

Niall is one of those people who has the capability of putting a smile on anyone’s face, no matter the situation. It is almost impossible not to smile when he appears on your screen or you see him in person. There’s nothing really more to say other than that he will make someone super happy because he is like the light. You can’t stop staring, but it is in a good way. We love Niall!

1. He’s a musical guy!

This one is super obvious, but we have to put it here. Niall can sing and play instruments, which means he can definitely serenade you all the time. Not only that, can you imagine him writing you a song as a gift for Valentine’s Day? Ultimate goals!

Niall Horan is a perfect Valentine because he is such an incredible person and it’s super hard not to love someone this amazing. We can definitely go one with reasons why he would be the perfect Valentine, but for now, there are five reasons. Why do you think Niall is the perfect Valentine? Let us know in the comments below or tweet to us @CelebMix and @CelebMix1D

Written by CelebMix