Niall Horan Releases Solo Single ‘This Town’

With the release of One Direction’s album Made in the AM came the knowledge that it would be a long time before fans would hear new music from the band again. Harry, Louis, Niall, and Liam are currently on a hiatus to explore their own interests and pursue solo projects and it comes as no surprise that they’d still want to be connected to music. Today, we got a taste of some of the product of their time off and it is incredible.

Niall Horan released his solo single today called This Town and it’s exactly what you’d expect from him at the same time that it’s a total surprise. His sound on this track is a mix of Ed Sheeran with a little George Ezra and his own personal flare which makes the tune such a banger. Niall’s songwriting has always been wonderful but with his total creative freedom, we’re seeing a different side of his talent.


With lyrics like “I know that it’s wrong that I can’t move on” and “If the whole world was watching I’d still dance with you”; you can tell that Niall really spent time to make sure his solo single was something that truly reflects him as an individual. He says the song is influenced by his hometown and how nothing changes when he goes back there, he hopes people can relate to the tune.

After Ryan Seacrest debuted the song Niall called in for a chat and you could tell he was incredibly proud of his song and also a bit nervous; but he handled it beautifully.  He said he just sort of started writing and found out that he had more than just one or two good songs; it kind of went from there.  He went on to say that the boys still talk often and for now they’re all enjoying their own thing but a reunion later isn’t ruled out.

The more they explore themselves and find out what makes them happy, what makes them reach for more, and what helps them do their best; the better they will be as solo artists and a band when they reunite. This time is crucial for all of them and hopefully they’ll embrace it fully for as long as it feels right.

Niall has been taking full advantage of the time off from One Direction and their rushed and busy lives. He spent time traveling to beautiful places before visiting friends and family that he missed. He’s a large part of a golf company that is searching for new talent – Modest Golf Management – and has also been involved with many golf related events. To top that off, it’s clear that he’s also been finding time to write and record his own music.

For the last six years, and even before that, the lives of not just Niall but the rest of One Direction have been dedicated to and enveloped in music and the industry just wouldn’t be the same without them. The fact that they’re able to enjoy their passions now and explore different degrees of singing and song writing means that there will always be an element of surprise with their solo songs; and that is a treat in itself.

Congrats Niall; we are so proud of you and already looking forward to what you have in store next.

Written by Ashley

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