Nick Carter’s Five Most Heartwarming Moments

Get out the balloons, cake, and party hats, we have a birthday to celebrate! Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys is turning 36 today.

He may have had a rocky start this year, so why not use his birthday to send some positive vibes his way? Without further ado, here are five times that Nick Carter made our hearts melt into mush.

5. His adorable reaction when Bindi won DWTS

Nick was a strong competitor the entire competition, but it wasn’t just his dancing that people admired. It was the way he treated his fellow competitors and everyone in general.

One of the standout moments in the November finale was the reveal of the winner. When it was announced that Bindi had won, Nick didn’t look disappointed or put out. He looked happy, proud, and extremely accepting. The heartwarming comment, however, came moments later.

“This experience was a bonding experience, it was something I will always remember, but Bindi deserved it, she kicked butt!”

Say it with us… “Awww!”

4. His humble response after his arrest earlier this year

Nick has not had an easy life by any means. He got into this business when he was twelve, and struggled with drugs and alcohol as he got older. His family issues haven’t been a secret either. He and his mother  aren’t close, and he lost his sister four years ago. He did turn his life around and wrote a book to help others do the same. However, like most of us, he slipped up and got burned for it.
He could have responded in so many ways, but he decided to take the high road, as seen below.

It goes to show that while they may be celebrities, these people are also only human. Nick’s tweets got a huge wave of support from his fans and well wishes for the next steps he takes in his recovery.

3. His love of his band, and their fans

In 2013, the Backstreet Boys were honored with a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It was also their 20th anniversary that year, and they were in the process of finishing their first album since band member Kevin Richardson’s return after a seven-year absence.

There are so many instances where Nick has shown his bandmates, and his fans, love but a favorite moment by far is the speech he gave the day they received their star.

Seeing Nick get choked up at the prospect of everything the band has done, and could do in the future, is heartwarming enough, but the line “Backstreet is back! And we’re not going anywhere!” is what normally gets the fans right in the heart.

2. His dedication to dance partner Sharna Burgess

DWTS showed the world the best side of Nick Carter, and one such example is the way he was with his dance partner, Sharna Burgess. He constantly said that he didn’t just want to win the competition for himself, but for Sharna as well. He appreciated her style of dancing and the way she would get him ready for their routines.

The world really began to see this side of him during the second week of the competition, where Sharna prepared a dance to honor her father and grandmother. He was there for her as a dance partner, but more importantly, as a friend who carried her emotionally as well.

1. His amazing love for his wife

Nick married Lauren Kitt in 2014. The wedding was featured in their own reality show called I Heart Nick Carter. His love for her has always been obvious and he has constantly defended her from fans who weren’t happy about the pairing. In return, she’s been there for him as well, which was showcased in one episode of the show, where his mother slandered the two on her Facebook page.

None of that compares to the beautiful tribute Nick sent to Lauren during an inspirational episode of DWTS. He was asked to do a dance in honor of the most influential person in his life, and he said that Lauren was that person. It was during this episode that Nick confirmed that Lauren was expecting their first child together, and he wanted to show her just how much she meant to him.

You’re going to need tissues to watch this beautiful dance, which, by the way, got him a perfect score.

With that, we at CelebMix want to wish you, Nick Carter, the happiest of birthdays! Here’s to a wonderful and exciting year.

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Written by CelebMix