Nick Jonas’ ‘Area Code’ About Selena Gomez? Star Finally Addresses Song Rumors

When Nick Jonas released his new song, “Area Code,” fans freaked out when the star mentioned Selena Gomez’s single “Good For You” in his lyrics.

“You say I never been good for you / You can’t deny I gave it good to you,” the song lyrics state.

After he released the song, many reports argued that Jonas was referencing the brunette beauty’s hit track.

According to Billboard, Jonas added more fuel to those rumors when he favorited two tweets from his fans that read:

“When u hang out with Selena Gomez,” a fan wrote. Another fan also tweeted, “Oh my gosh. Nick. Selena. Never thought I’d be saying this again! Area Code references ‘Good for You.’”

Jonas and Gomez did have a short romance back in their Disney days, but it quickly ended and the stars remained friends.

After much speculation, Jonas finally addressed those romance rumors and whether the song was actually about the “Same Old Love” hitmaker.

“I like throwing things in that challenge people’s thinking, and in some cases make the verses and the song more intriguing to them. If that’s referencing my real life and things that I’m deeply connected to, it’s only gonna make their interest more real,” he told Spin.

Even though Jonas didn’t exactly tell us if it was about Gomez, it totally sounds like he was purposely mentioning the star, and certainly gave his fans something to talk about.

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Written by CelebMix