Nick Jonas calls out CrossFit

CrossFit, which identifies itself as a “core strength and conditioning program,” took to Twitter to try to get a point across about the consumption of sugar. Unfortunately for them, it didn’t go over so well with everyone, namely Nick Jonas.

The company tweeted a quote from its CEO Greg Glassman saying, “Make sure you pour some out for your dead homies,” with the popular and recognizable Coca Cola advertisement modified to say “Open diabetes.”

Nick, who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in November 2005, did not appreciate this statement and did not hesitate to make his thoughts known. He shared on Twitter, “This is not cool. Please know and understand the difference between type one and type (two) diabetes before making ignorant comments. Sensitivity to all diseases, and proper education on the cause and day to day battle is important.”

Nick has never shied away from the topic of his diabetes, penning emotional songs like “A Little Bit Longer” for the Jonas Brothers and working with health organizations to raise awareness and aid other diabetics.

The fitness program is fighting back on Twitter, saying, “Anyone can get T2 diabetes, even those with T1. Stop assuming we don’t grasp the difference and help us raise awareness,” including a series of links to various journals.

It’s probably safe to assume Nick won’t be using CrossFit while filming “Kingdom.”

Written by CelebMix