Nick Jonas and Selena Gomez take on Sundance

Sundance Film Festival kicked off in Utah, 21st January and the celebrities were out for the premieres of their films.

Sundance Film Festival started in January 1978 in Park City, Utah. This festival is the largest independent film festival in the USA, which happens every year in January. Each year celebrities star in the films premièred at Sundance, or attend to see the films shown. Sundance 2016 has seen the likes of Nick Jonas, Kristen Stewart, Austin Butler, Selena Gomez and Natasha Lyonne attending.

Nick Jonas is starring in Goat, directed by Andrew Neel. Goat premièred Friday 22nd January, and has received a positive reception at the festival. Goat is a movie about Fraternity life in America, in which Jonas plays Brett, a frat brother in Phi Sigma Mu and elder brother to Brad (played by Ben Schnetzer). Brad enrols in rush week to pledge for the same fraternity that his brother, Brett, is in. The film depicts the likes of hazing that is included as part of Phi Sigma Mu’s initiation week. However, Brad is still recovering from a recent serious assault, and is subject to hazing such as excessive drinking and slapping other pledge members. Despite Brett knowing this about his brother’s ordeal with a recent attack he faced, Brett still continues with the hazing.


Jonas spoke with Variety about wanting to do more acting following his role in Scream Queens saying “I’m hopeful I can continue to find roles that can show me in a new light, push the envelope and start a conversation.” and when asked by Variety who his acting inspiration is, Jonas named Lady Gaga “It’s been great to see Gaga this year, and what she’s done. I’m a fan of what she’s accomplished in the sense that she’s been able to do acting and music and made an impact on both.”


Selena Gomez is a leading lady starring in The Fundamentals of Caring which premièred at Sundance on Friday 29th January. Gomez plays Dot, a runaway teenager with an attitude, who meets a guy named Trevor (Craig Roberts) who is wheelchair bound due to muscular dystrophy . Dot also meets Trevor’s caregiver, Ben (Paul Rudd). Dot hitchhikes with Trevor and Ben in a road trip style fashion, where the unlikely trio become well acquainted with one another, within their new adventure.


The Fundamentals of Caring has recently been bought by Netflix and will be shown on the streaming service at a later date. Gomez seems excited that the movie has been picked up by Netflix and she spoke on her excitement in a recent interview with Variety “I think it’s incredible, the traffic they get.  It’s all that I watch when I’m at home. Even if it’s on my laptop, if I’m traveling, it’s a different way for people to see movies, and I enjoy that.”



Austin Butler is starring in Yoga Hosers, directed by Kevin Smith. Butler is sharing the limelight with Johnny Depp and Orange is the New Black’s very own Natasha Lyonne. Yoga Hosers premiered at Sundance on Sunday 24th January where Butler and Lyonne were in attendance. Kristen Stewart has also been spotted at Sundance. Stewart is starring in Certain Women, which also premiered on Sunday 24th January. Stewart plays the role of a recent graduate of law school, turned adult education teacher called Beth.


Sundance Film Festival ended on Sunday 31st January. Whilst Yoga Hosers, Certain WomenGoat and The Fundamentals of Caring did not win any awards all films have received a very positive reception from guests and panels at Sundance.


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