Nick Jonas Takes On Nick Grimshaw’s Heart Rate Test… With Hilarious Results

There’s nothing more uncomfortable than having to relive your most embarrassing past experiences after you had pushed them to the back of your mind and sworn to never speak of them again. But unfortunately for Nick Jonas, he had to relive some of these past experiences during a heart rate test live on BBC Radio 1 this morning (17th January).

And the results were hilarious.

The musician and actor was dropping into the London radio station to promote his new movie, “Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle,” when Grimmy decided to hook him up to a heart rate monitor in a bid to try and fluster the former Jo Bro.

Grimmy even decided to bring in a few special guests to help out, and needless to say recent Golden Globe nominee Nick Jonas got red-faced pretty quickly.

Nick Jonas on BBC Radio 1 with Nick Grimshaw

First up to try and make the musician squirm was his brother Joe Jonas, who really dropped his younger sibling in it. The story which poor Nick was then forced to tell was totally cringe-worthy, but it didn’t seem to raise his heart rate too much.

Radio host Grimmy then decided to push Nick harder, this time showing him Miley Cyrus’, “7 Things,” music video. Nick’s heart rate remained steady as he explained how he knew the diss track was about him. He said that although Miley had never directly admitted who the song was about, it was quite obvious since she wore the dog tag necklace that he had given to her in the music video.

Luckily, the singers have now put any previous bad blood aside and have managed to remain friends. But Grimmy still wasn’t satisfied and enlisted the help of another of Nick’s famous exes, Selena Gomez, to try and embarrass him.

Selena recalled a rather awkward experience she had with Nick in Central Park ten years ago, but even that didn’t seem to raise his heart rate much so Grimmy chose to bring in a live guest in the form of Nick’s, “Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle,” co-star, Jack Black.

Jack read out a text message he had received from one of Nick’s celebrity crushes, and that’s when the musician’s heart rate suddenly soared.

To find out what (or who) finally got Nick Jonas hot under the collar, check out the video below:

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Written by Zoe Adams

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