Nick Jonas Talks Children

Nick Jonas exclusively talked to People Magazine on being an uncle and the world is nearly exploding over the “LEVELS” of cute.

Nick’s oldest brother and former Jonas Brothers band mate, Kevin Jonas had a baby girl with his wife Danielle 19 months ago! Little Alena Rose is fully documented on her parents Instagram accounts but what about her famous uncles…

“She calls me Uncle Geek because she can’t yet say Nick!” Jonas states.

“We like to walk through a toy store and I buy her whatever she wants,” he continues. Let’s take a moment to picture the buff Nick Jonas melting over his niece wanting a singing Olaf doll. Did a little part of you die inside? Because we totally did.

When asked if he would ever have kids, Nick replied “I would like to have kids, but I’m not ready yet,”. We volunteer and we’ll be patiently waiting.

Written by CelebMix