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Nicki Minaj unveils vertical video for ‘Chun-Li’

Vertical videos are fast becoming a hot trend amongst our favourite music artists, with the likes of Selena Gomez and Camila Cabello having previously released visuals in the mobile-friendly format.

The latest artist to share a vertical video is rapper Nicki Minaj, who recently dropped a selfie-style visual for her track ‘Chun-Li’. After teasing the visual on Instagram, Nicki released the full clip on YouTube and it’s safe to say that she looks incredible.

Tinged with a pink hue, the visual, which is filmed almost entirely in selfie-mode, sees Nicki rap to the camera whilst lounging on a sofa. She also shows off her incredible figure in a black mesh and leather combo, which she absolutely rocks.

Check out the vertical video for ‘Chun-Li’ below.

Speaking about the creation of ‘Chun-Li’ with Zane Lowe on Beats 1 for Apple Music on Thursday, Nicki said: “I was in a very calm, excited state. I heard the beat. We also have all this on tape. I played the beat about three, four in the morning. I had worked all day. I hadn’t slept for days probably. And this was only like, two days ago. And my producer texted me and I said, no, come in quick.  Play me something. And he played me a bunch of stuff and then we play this I said OK, send that to Juice, Juice pulled it up.”

“I went in the booth  and all of the melodies that you hear right now on ‘Chun-Li’,  I did it five minutes after hearing this beat. It’s like a King Kong section that was freestyles. And I left it in and perfected that. But I came out of the booth and told Juice, OK keep this part… this part, edit it all in. And then the next day Griz — who could not be there to document this part — he shot me writing ‘Chun-Li’  with the iPhone because I knew that I would be a great part. You know, my fans always ask. They want to see the behind the scenes, how I create music. So, we sat we shot that part with the iPhone. And then we mixed and mastered it. We literally it was done yesterday — officially completed yesterday.”

‘Chun-Li’ was released on Thursday along with ‘Barbie Tingz’. Whilst a vertical video for ‘Barbie Tingz’ is available on Spotify, Nicki has stated that the official music video is on its way by sharing a teaser trailer on YouTube.

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