Niki & Sammy Talk KPOP: BTS paved the way…

Okay, there isn’t really a but, but there is an “also.” If you’re a massive fan of BTS (or you’ve only had a brief listen but loved what you heard), then why not give Kpop a chance? We’ve got a short list of bands we listen to that you’ll like!


It’s not “MON-STUH,” it’s “MON- STAH” Now that’s out the way… We had the real privilege of intervewing I.M last year for our Radio 1 podcast and he confirmed what we already presumed: Monsta X’s roadmap means they’re here to stay. They’re currently working with a “7 deadly sins” concept and their music and visuals are grittier in the best kind of way. They’ve also had a successful collaboration with Steve Aoki, Play It Cool.
Songs to check out:
Hero, Alligator, Shine Forever


Where do I start with Day6? Take everything you know about Kpop and forget it. This five-piece has more in common with a pop-rock group than they do with some of their contemporaries (my opinion!) We were lucky enough to be at their recent London show and their fans were SO. LOUD. If you want more of an idea, here’s a link to our Day6 London vlog:
Songs to check out:
I need Somebody, Shoot Me, Days Gone By

Eric Nam

Let’s give some solo artists some love. Ahead of his show in London, it only makes sense to talk about Eric Nam! He’s made WAVES since he debuted a couple of years ago and, being a fluent English speaker he’s even got a podcast.
He’s got a very different energy to other Kpop acts and he’s so versatile when it comes to his music. We’re actually seeing him at his London show and can’t wait to report back!
Songs to check out:
Cave me in, Honestly and Perhaps Love


One word: icon. Originally a member of the hugely successful Wonder Girls, she now has her own solo material which is (not biased) some of my favourite. She openly addresses the pressures of media attention and other contemporary issues in her music oh and she’s also a friend to BTS too. She’s also performing in the UK this summer (super-hyped!!) so make sure you treat yourself to some of her tunes ASAP.
Songs to check out:
Heroine, Gashina, Noir

Written by CelebMix