Nine Things About The Actors of High School Musical

High School Musical is a set of movies that ultimately went down in history. Being said to be some of Disney’s best work. Of course, most of us have seen all three and some of us can recall key parts of the movies but did you know these things about the actors?

  1. In the first movie, Zac Efron didn’t sing as the role of Troy Bolton. Drew Seeley sung his parts instead until the second movie where he took on the role’s singing.
  2. Following on #1, when High School Musical went on tour, if Zac couldn’t be there because of alternate filming schedules, Drew would take his place.
  3. For the third and final installment of the movies, Selena Gomez was offered the role of Sharpay’s evil assistant, Tiara Gold, but turned it down. Can you imagine how different that role would’ve been if Selena accepted?Did You Know This About The High School Musical Movies? 1
  4. For the second movie, Disney did a vote on which fellow Disney star fans wanted to have a cameo at the end of High School Musical. Fans decided on Miley Cyrus, who featured in the scene for ‘All For One’.

    Nine Things About The Actors of High School Musical 1

  5. Corbin Bleu initially auditioned for the role of Ryan; however producers thought he would be better as Chad.
  6. Monique Coleman, who played Taylor, didn’t know how to swim and was nervous to jump into the pool during the final scene of the second installment. She received support from her cast and crew, especially Corbin, who jumped in with her. In the end, her jump into the pool was never shown in the movie but at least she conquered a fear.
  7. Ashley Tisdale became the first female in history to debut on the Billboard Hot 100 with two songs simultaneously, those songs being ‘What I’ve Been Looking For’ and ‘Bop to the Top’.Nine Things About The Actors of High School Musical 1
  8. Remember during ‘What Time Is It?’ in HSM2, when Troy slid across the floor? Zac came up with that in the spot and it ended up being one of the most iconic dance moves during the whole movie.
    Nine Things About The Actors of High School Musical 2
  9. After the success of the first movie, Disney offered recording contacts to all of it’s main stars with Hollywood Records. In the end only Vanessa and Corbin signed to them while Ashley signed with Warner Bros., instead.

That’s just nine things about the actors that you might not have already known. Do you know anything we didn’t mention? Make sure to comment below or tweet us @CelebMix.

Written by CelebMix