CelebMix Awards 2015: Nominate Now!

The CelebMix Awards are coming soon, and we want your nominations for our ten categories. Find out more below, and get your nominations in!

The categories

  1. Album of the Year
  2. Single of the Year
  3. Music Video of the Year
  4. Tour of the Year
  5. Fanbase of the Year
  6. YouTuber of the Year
  7. Film of the Year
  8. TV Show of the Year
  9. Unsigned Artist of the Year
  10. Fan of the Year

How do I nominate?

It’s super simple to nominate! Send in your nominations to our brand new Twitter account, @CelebMixAwards. Say for example you want to nominate Little Monsters as fanbase of the year, you can tweet “@CelebMixAwards Little Monsters for Fanbase of the Year!” or something to that extent.

You can nominate as many people as you like for as many categories as you like until nominations close later this month. We’ll close nominations and select our nominees from your suggestions, before starting our Awards in December.

Thanks for your help, and enjoy!

Written by CelebMix