Non-binary hyper-pop artist French Fries and Margarita releases the political CRIMES AGAINST NATURE

What do you get if you cross Marilyn Monroe with Charli XCX? French Fries and Margarita might be the answer – a mysterious artist whose true identity necessarily remains hidden in order to protect their identity. CRIMES AGAINST NATURE is their debut single.

A politically charged anthem, the song speaks about LGBTQ+ hate, something French Fries and Margarita is only too familiar with. The instrumentation is electronic, but takes on a softer side rather than an abrasive one. It’s infectious, partying material at its finest, and really sets up FFM (may we call you FFM?) to be a intriguing artist.

The video is an interesting one – famous figures from around the world look on at French Fries and Margarita’s dancing, as if disgusted. But they continue on regardless, determined to spread the message of love and acceptance no matter what.


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Written by Emma

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