Norah Jones’ debut album continues to fly off the self

Norah Jones is well known in the jazz scene. After Jones’ debut album Come Away With Me helped her garner 8 Grammy wins in 2003, the spotlight came reeling in.

After Grammy night, everyone turned their eyes to then 22-year old Norah Jones. A little over a year after her huge win, Come Away With Me passed the 20 million mark.

As of today, her debut album has sold over 26 million copies. It’s the best selling studio album of the 2000-2009 decade and is on the list of best selling albums of all time.

Although Come Away With Me was released 12 years ago, its subtle appeal has propelled the album to sell indefinitely. It’s still in the top 200 on iTunes in over 20 countries including Japan, Spain, Sweden, and France.

Many critics viewed Norah Jones’ surprising success as a fluke but were immediately proved wrong when her second studio album, Feels Like Home, sold over 10 million copies worldwide.

While jazz music is not as mainstream as it was years ago, many pop artists are influenced by jazz and use hints of it in their music frequently.

Take for example Christina Aguilera’s album Back to Basics. The album combines the jazz-bop sound of the 40/50’s era with a mainstream pop sound. It may not be as subtle as Jones’ albums, but it is still considered to be a part of the many sub-genres of jazz (acid jazz, jazz-funk, etc).

We hope Norah Jones continues to make her signature jazz/blues sound and await patiently for the release of her next studio album. Stay tuned jazz lovers!

In the meantime, how about a lovely nostalgic trip back to 2003?

Here is Norah Jones’ signature song, ‘Don’t Know Why’. Enjoy!


Written by Dannii C.

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