Nothing But You Release New Single “LIPS”

Nothing But You has officially released their latest single titled “LIPS,” which is now available on iTunes, SpotifySoundcloud, Google Play, and more.

Nicky is the voice behind musical project Nothing But You. She was born and raised in Japan but moved to the United States to pursue her singing career. Her newest single “LIPS” is a gorgeous ballad about being in love with lyrics “I feel your lips make my soul smile with yours. I need a kiss, that kiss of yours.”

The song was written by Turkish multi-award winning singer and songwriter Emine SARI and platinum award winner music engineer Joel Evenden. It was recorded in California and released by Phoenix Records.

The new single has been met with positive reviews, and has even won Best Blues Song of May 2017 at the Akademia Awards in Los Angeles.

Nicky recently spoke with SNTMag about the song’s title, “Music does not need different language. “LIPS” or “LOVE”  resonates in the heartes of all mankind.”

CelebMix also had the chance to listen to “LIPS” and just like her EP Meant to Be, we are once again blown away with Nicky’s vocals. The single is a smooth, easy-to-listen song with seductive lyrics that tell of wanting to be physically close with someone. Nicky’s sultry voice perfectly captures the emotions of the lyrics, so much that we lose ourselves in the song.

Listen to Nothing But You’s new single “LIPS” right here!

To find out more information, visit Nothing But You’s official website, and also make sure to check out their TwitterFacebook, YouTube, and SoundCloud.

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Written by Michele Mendez

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