NYA Gets Intimate With Her New EP, ‘Hold On’

NYA is a soulful singer and songwriter who has never followed anyone else’s path. That’s why for her third EP, she went straight to the studio with a live band. Of course most people go to a studio for a EP, right? But do most go unplugged? NYA did.

Throughout her musical journey, Nya has remained rooted in her personal values of living one’s truth and spreading kindness and love. People tend to think singers are made of steal, they forget that they’re human too. Behind her years of confidence, there’s a vulnerable person.

Sometimes NYA is afraid. Sometimes she’s lonely. And that’s totally fine. That’s what the four tracks on the Hold On EP represents. It represents NYA in her rawest form. No overdubs, no software tricks, just a group of musicians performing in a room.

“I wrote the Hold On EP after falling in and out of love for the first time; so I wanted these songs about obsession, heartbreak, and growth to be really stripped down and honest,” NYA shares. “To me, this acoustic EP captures how I came to know myself better through first love and first heartbreak.”

And we agree. There’s something special about an acoustic EP. Rather than hearing all the extra fancy stuff about or in a song, you’re able to focus a little more on the lyrics and gain a strong emotional background simply based off of how the person is singing each word.

Her single off of the EP, “Love You To Death,” sounds like she’s singing that one directly to the man it’s about. You can check out the video for “Love You To Death” below:


Personally we focus on the lyrics more either way, but an acoustic EP kind of forces a bigger audience to do the same thing, even if they normally wouldn’t.

Listen to the Hold On EP below:

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Written by Melanie Gomez

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