NYC-Based Artists BriGuel Talk Love, Healing, And More On Genre Borderless EP ‘TBD’

New York City-based artist couple BriGuel have recently unveiled their most recent collection of songs, released under the form of a 6-track EP titled TBD. From dream pop to rap, and deep progressive house, Brianne Berkson and Miguel Gluckstern explore new sonorities, textures, and influences, while consolidating the project with their signature conscious rap and lush contemporary vocals. 

The new EP also features collaborations with Andres Gonzalez, with whom they had created their previous EP 2020 Vision as well as the documentary The Difference. The new songs with Gonzalez are “TBD” and “Can We Be Love.” 

After “Mind Takes Hold”, their latest single conveying hope to break free from the chains of the mind, released earlier than the EP, the rest of the tracklist is equally impressive in its boundary pushing approach, especially in terms of sounds, betas, genres, and overall vibe. 

The synchronicity displayed by the couple in life and art is simply flawless, reaping the fruits of years of maturation, hard-work, and intense love. One of BriGuel’s most inspiring aspects is their relentless pursuit of renewing, reinventing, and reshaping their sonic signature, no matter the success acquired with past releases. Authenticity, vision, and infinite creativity are what listeners can expect from BriGuel’s latest EP, TBD.

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Written by Magdalena

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