Promotional image for "Midnight" which is a black and white collage of two photos with Nytrix on the left glancing to the bottom-left with shades on and a monotone jumper, and LINK is on the right, also looking to the bottom left, also with shades on, but he's wearing a jacket and has his arms crossed.

Nytrix dominates with a hauntingly progressive dance track titled “Midnight” featuring LINK

Released last week, Nytrix has dropped an absolutely awesome progressive dance single that brings haunting vibes to the dancefloor, titled “Midnight”, which features LINK. This dark vocal dance track is exactly what we needed to hear right now. It follows up Nytrix’s collaboration with Star Seed on the track “It’s Just You” and LINK’s single “MAD HOUSE” featuring Kelsey Ray.

Nytrix, real name Eric Anthony Stevens, is an electronic vocalist and DJ who gained attention in the electronic music scene when his first single “Take Me Higher” peaked at number seven on the Billboard Dance Charts for 13 weeks. He is known for bending a variety of genres together to create some high-impact EDM that stays with listeners for days. This has led him to grace clubs, stages, and festivals around the world with live performances and tours in the likes of China, the UK, Canada, and the US. He has released tracks under various label signings including NCS, Monstercat, Dim Mak, Proximity, and more, going on to gain over 100 million streams across platforms on these labels. His recent tracks have been hits on the Billboard Dance Chart Songs, with four of his singles all reaching the Top 10 and collectively lasting 51 weeks on the chart, in total. His most-streamed track on Spotify is his collaboration with Au5 titled “Only In A Dream” which has 3.2 million streams with his 2019 collaboration with Mynerva titled “Find You” just behind at 2 million streams. He’s definitely making an impact in the EDM world and one we all need to look out for.

As for LINK, whose real name is James Churchill, he is a rising star in the EDM world, having built up his name and his fan base, with thousands of followers across his social media profiles. He has over 25,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, with “I Belong To You” being his most-streamed track at hundreds of thousands of streams on the streaming platform, while “BREAK” is catching up quickly. He has managed to release tracks on the likes of Basscon Records, Hot Laundry, and NIGHTMODE. He’s definitely someone who knows what he’s doing and he’s quickly become a rising star and so it’ll be exciting to see where he takes his career in the next year or two.

Written by Eric Anthony Stevens and James Churchill, while it has been produced by Nytrix, “Midnight” is a dark progressive dance track that elevates the rhythm to a fast and undeniably addictive pace while the initial whispy vocals add depth and foreboding. This leads the listener into a false sense of security as Nytrix and LINK ensure us that we’re in safe hands as the bassline kicks in with a forcible notch that leaves a groovy blow that you can’t help but dance to. Addictive to no-end with ’00s dance-inspired vibes wrapped around haunting danger trance, “Midnight” is sure to bring the Y2K-feel in a remixed modern production making sure club-goers aren’t missing out on a thing from that era. Nytrix and LINK easily shine with this track, and really puts their mark on 2023 as “Midnight” is sure to be a dancefloor anthem this year, or at least set to become a dancefloor treasure.

Stream “Midnight” by Nytrix featuring LINK on Spotify here:

“Midnight”, by Nytrix featuring LINK, is available to download and stream across all platforms, right now, via Dim Mak Records.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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