Ofcom to investigate Big Brother’s Bit On The Side

Ofcom is investigating the Channel 5 show’s spin-off series, Celebrity Big Brother’s Bit On The Side, in which the comment was made about Teen Mom star Farrah.

The series, which usually follows the broadcast of the main show, features a segment called Do You Know Who I Am?

Members of the public are asked to guess why the celeb in question is famous, and in this instance, viewers had to guess what Farrah, 24, is famous for.

However, one of the answers put forward as an option for viewers by show bosses was that she was famous for ‘winning a  transsexual contest’.

And now the TV watchdog is investigating this claim after reporting that one of the complainants was ‘concerned that this presented being a transsexual as a joke’, according to the Mirror.

A spokesperson for Ofcom said: ‘We’re investigating whether potentially offensive comments in this programme were justified by the context in which they were presented.’

Meanwhile, the incident on BOTS on September 23rd that resulted in Vicki Michelle being ‘glassed’ may also be investigated by the TV regulator. Vicki is to also press charges against ‘Teen Mom’ star Farrah Abraham after the BOTS brawl that could of ‘blinded’ her.

Farrah also had to attend the A&E department at London’s St Thomas’ Hospital ‘for a check up’ after the brawl and posted pictures of her bruises on social media.

Meanwhile, Farrah and Janice Dickinson have both received police cautions for common assault for the their involvement in the live brawl.

Written by CelebMix