It’s Official! Cheryl Is Just Like Us

Who would have thought that a super glamorous popstar would be just like us? Well Cheryl has proved that behind the world of celebrity she is just a normal girl who loves nothing more than watching TV and playing video games in her comfy pyjamas and slippers.

Speaking to InStyle magazine at the Cannes Film Festival the former X Factor judge revealed she would much rather skip the glamorous celeb filled after parties and instead head home to her “jammies” and watch Scandal or play Mario Kart on the Wii.

And her preferred Mario character to race as? It is none other than Peach Princess and Chezza also revealed she always uses a motorbike rather than a Kart.

During the interview the singer also confessed that she loves nothing more than listening to Beyonce’s new album before she hits the red carpet.

And if you were wondering which Cannes look is Cheryl’s favourite the gorgeous Geordie revealed her favourite look is from the first year she attended, saying: “It was a cream Versace dress with a a slit up one leg and I had shorter hair. It was so good.” 

It's Official! Cheryl Is Just Like Us 2
Chezza’s fave Cannes look

So behind the millions, perfect hair and wardrobe, Cheryl is exactly like us; she loves curling up in front of the telly in her favourite pyjamas, chilling out playing video games, and jamming to her favourite tunes.

You can read the full interview by visiting the official InStyle website.




Written by Laura Klonowski

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