The Official Trailer for Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope is Finally Here!

In association with Z Team Films, Robot Underdog has released its official trailer for the second and third episodes of the web series Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope.

Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope is a non-profit project created entirely by fans of the Dragon Ball franchise. It is a live-action adaptation of The History of Trunks TV Special. The pilot episode, which debuted on YouTube in 2015, currently has over 27 million views. Since its premiere, fans praised the series and were eager to see more.

Now two years later, the official trailer for the series’ second and third episodes is finally here and we couldn’t be more excited!

The trailer shows Gohan and Trunks fighting against Androids #17 and #18. They try to maintain hope for a better future, despite all the hardships they have gone through. The cast includes Kenny Leu, Tyler Tackett, Amy Johnston, Jack Wald, Ruthann Thompson, Katelyn Brooke, and Lily Caputo. The episode is also directed and produced by Donnie McMillin and Rita McMillin and is written by Rita McMillin and Derek Padula.

Although there is no release date just yet, Robot Underdog promises that the episodes will be coming very soon.

They wrote, “WE LOVE YOU GUYS! And we can’t say “thanks” enough times for being so patient with us! We promise it’s going to be worth the wait and we have A LOT more than what’s in this trailer to show you guys!”

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Written by Michele Mendez

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