EXCLUSIVE: Official video for Cutt’s single “Messy”

Alright ladies and gents, fair warning: This is NSFW!

Now that we caught your attention, keep on scrolling for the official video premiere for Hannah Cutt AKA Cutt’s latest single “Messy.” Taking place in a club, Cutt goes through, quite frankly, a wild night out. She explains: “Essentially, ‘Messy’ is a song about sexual frustration but also applies to frustration in general. It is a fantasy song about escape; about wanting to get out of your own head.”

This is the first single off her EP Nightmares which explores her journey of sobriety. Cutt says, “Nightmares is inextricably a byproduct of my sobriety. You avoid a lot of demons when you’re constantly trying to control something like an addiction. When you take it away you are left with yourself. This EP is the beginning of that process- facing the fears you didn’t know you had, head

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Written by Ashley Bulayo

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