OK Go Released A New Music Video – We Wish We’d Been In It!

OK Go is an American rock band who have created some really incredible music videos for their hit songs through their career so far.  On February 11th, for their song Upside Down & Inside Out, they produced perhaps their coolest music video to date.

The lyrics to the song are a bit upbeat and spacey – so it only makes sense that they take that and turn it into the idea for their video that accompanies the tune.

The video starts off as normal as to be expected, and then everything changes!  You see the guys floating around in zero gravity, in a plane that’s actually in the sky – they talk about it on their Facebook!  They’re seen tossing laptops, throwing their bodies around, introducing some cool acrobatics – there’s even a paint scene that we desperately wish we’d been a part of.

The song is one that’s sure to get stuck in your head for hours, and the video is one you’ll want to watch over and over again while remaining quite jealous that you’ve not yet had an experience quite this cool.

This video was made possible by S7 Airlines in Russia who even have OK Go featured on their site right now – they definitely got the full experience shooting this video in live action sans being in front of a green screen.

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Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.