Old Dominion Encourage Loving like there’s ‘No Such Thing as a Broken Heart’

‘You’ve gotta love like there’s no such thing as a broken heart.’

Spring is right around the corner but just out of our reach, and until we can have the sun and tropical vibes ourselves, the guys from Old Dominion have given us ‘No Such Thing as a Broken Heart’. The tune has us dreaming of the sun on our skin, the beach at our feet, and a little bit of ‘summer lovin’.

The song starts off with a dreamy beat and the lyrics to match it, but not in the way you might expect. It is a song about love, but it’s also a song about the truth of what tries to break it. The band starts off asking ‘whatever happened to Jack and Diane?’ and ‘how did my parents do it?’. In terms of modern love, those questions are relevant. It seems like, for most of us today, love isn’t something tangible or long lasting. The fight to keep love living isn’t what it used to be.

‘What am I gonna tell my kids when they see all of this bullshit that goes down on tv
when the whole world is down on its luck I gotta make sure they keep that shit up’.

These days, things have gone from good and bad to bad and worse; and the media eats it up. It’s a run to get the juiciest story and to get it out quickly. The sad thing is that we’ve come to expect it, we’ve been desensitized. This song approaches that head on, it says you’ve got to love anyway, in spite of what is wrong.

Love doesn’t mean there won’t be storms, it just means that you won’t be alone in finding your way through them. This song says what a lot of us need to hear, and it does so in a way that makes you believe in the good again.

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Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.