Olive Louise Captures the Euphoria of Finding your Happily Ever After in “The Loveliest”

Being in love is the most indescribable feeling. You feel as if you are light as air, weightless and floating. There is a warm, silky sensation that surges through us and the emotion is pure bliss.

Olive Louise perfectly encapsulates those rich, intoxicating vibes in her latest release “The Loveliest”. With angelic, otherworldly vocals sweeping atop delicate soundscapes she mimics that sailing breathlessness that comes with deep affection. The single is a dazzling alt-pop pleasure that will ignite all the senses. For all those cynics that say true love is only in movies, Louise will make a believer out of you with this delectably tender tune.

The New York-based talent was classically trained from an early age. Louise became proficient in piano and violin through her mother who was lead pianist of the Long Island Philharmonic Orchestra. That extraordinary skill can be heard in her pensive pieces. Raised in Kings Point, New York (on the estate that inspired F Scott Fitzgerald‘s novel The Great Gatsby) it is no wonder there is so much dream-like whimsy within her music. “The Loveliest” possesses that same fanciful quality resulting in a soft summer serenade that is wholly infectious. She reveals, “It was awesome putting into a song how much I love the person I’m with and plan on being with forever. I think it’s relatable because it’s how anyone that’s really in love feels.”

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