Olivia O'Brien
Photo Credit: Alessandra Guarneri

CONCERT REVIEW – Olivia O’Brien – New York

Olivia O’Brien completely took over New York City during back-to-back sold-out shows at Webster Hall.

The “NOW” singer opened her show on Sunday with “We’re All Gonna Die” after addressing the crowd and thanking over 1,000 fans for coming. People of all ages, including many of O’Brien’s friends and family, attended the show and filled the venue.

Photo Credit: Alessandra Guarneri

Her charming personality and relatable lyrics have drawn the attention of millions of fans on both social media and streaming platforms. And lucky for those in attendance, that online persona effortlessly transforms on-stage.

Before “Keep It Movin,'” O’Brien took the time to make a speech about her exes…but it did not go as expected. She explained that, despite some of her lyrics, she only has love for the people she’s dated.

Photo Credit: Alessandra Guarneri

“All I have for them is love… I wish them the best. I really mean it. I do,” she explained.

However, the people she really does hate are the exes of her best friends. This garnered an immense applause from the crowd.

Photo Credit: Alessandra Guarneri

Olivia O’Brien wowed attendees with two covers, “Your Love Is My Drug” by Kesha and “Complicated” by Avril Lavigne, along with performances of her most popular tracks. Fan-favorites “Tequilawine,” “Sociopath” and “Josslyn” were performed along with newer tracks “No More Friends” and “B*tch Back.” Her 90-minute set included a total of 20 songs.

Photo Credit: Alessandra Guarneri

Between O’Brien’s powerful vocals and dynamic on-stage energy, she effortlessly impressed. Her speeches in between songs and connection with fans in the crowd made night 2 at Webster Hall a show to remember. It was an interactive experience whether you were in the back of the venue or front row at the barricade by the stage.

Olivia O’Brien’s tour will conclude on November 28th in Seattle, Washington, at The Showbox.

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