Olivia O’Brien releases music video for “I Don’t Exist”

The album cover for O'Brien's single "I Don't Exist"

On September 14th, singer/songwriter Olivia O’Brien released her single “I Don’t Exist”, a boppy tune channeling the harsh feeling of being alone in a room full of people, and not being acknowledged when surrounded by many others.

Now, a little over a month later, Olivia has released the long awaited music video for her single. The music video digs into the deeper meaning of “I Don’t Exist.” In the video, Olivia is seen standing behind a window, watching a party go on in front of her, with no one noticing her behind the glass.

In the chorus, Olivia states “all of these people and all of their friends, look so good together and I don’t fit in, cause they’re picture perfect and I’m on the end. Crop me out the photo so they can pretend like I don’t exist.” Olivia bluntly hits the harsh reality of the feeling of loneliness and being estranged from groups. Throughout the video, O’Brien’s emotions rise while she continues to be ignored during the party. She is seen hitting the window to get the attention of the party-goers. She eventually turns to a video camera to document her feelings. “Am I even real?” Olivia questions during the third verse while sitting in her car. The video comes to an end with Olivia leaving her spot at the window, disappointed that she was never noticed.  

With Olivia only being eighteen years old, and having many songs relating to the darker side of life such as “Empty” and “No Love”, “I Don’t Exist” is definitely another song of hers that hits the topic of true, deep feelings and gives the audience a closer look into her vulnerable side.

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Written by Veronica Jorgenson

Just your average eighteen-year-old Minnesotan fangirl who loves concerts, music, and TV shows.