Olly Murs sees the funny side after being told his cologne is “overwhelmingly strong”

Picture this:

You’re in a bar or restaurant, having an awesome evening with your pals, and then you receive a note saying that another diner thinks you’re, well… a bit smelly!

Mortifying, right!?

Well that’s exactly what happened to poor Olly Murs on a recent night out in Los Angeles.

The “Heart Skips a Beat” singer has been out in LA spending time with his friends Niall Horan and Mark Wright, and seemingly found the whole ordeal pretty funny!

Posting a picture of the hand-written note on Twitter, he wrote “Do I smell that bad?!?!”

The hilarious message said:

Just wanted to let you know that we moved our seats because of your cologne.

It’s overwhelmingly strong, we thought you should know.

You might want to re-think how it is used.

The sassy scribbler then signed off by telling Olly to “enjoy his evening” followed by a smiley face!

Not one to be defeated, and always up for a giggle, the former X-Factor runner-up took to social media to make fun of his misfortune.

One fan tweeted “Interested to know what aftershave it was if I’m honest.”, to which Olly replied “Yep called Breadcrumbs… supposedly the birds love it”.

And it seemed that everyone wanted to get in on the joke, with another fan tweeting that she was going to ask for “Breadcrumbs” in The Perfume Shop!

The official account for the aftershave retailer was quick to reply, joking that they don’t stock “Breadcrumbs” but they do have other scents to make their “hearts skip a beat”… BA DUM TSH!

We just love Olly’s reaction to the stranger’s rude note, and we are sure it won’t be long before EVERYBODY wants to buy “Breadcrumbs”!

How would you have reacted to the cheeky message from a stranger? What do you make of Olly’s response? Come and let us know your thoughts over on Twitter!

Written by CelebMix