OMG! Avatar 2?!?!?

The movie Avatar that quite a lot of us fell romantically in love with to the extent we learnt half of the Na’vi language and now worship the home tree in our living rooms… or is that just me? Has been announced by James Cameron to be returned into a trilogy. Avatar grossed a box office profit of $2.788 billion

In 2015 Avatar 2 Producer Jon Landau stated: “Avatar 2 will explore the oceans of Pandora, and the team has been developing underwater motion capture technology for this purpose”

He also confirmed that Avatar 2 will explore the Na’vi culture more than Avatar.

Cameron made clear that the style of Avatar 2 was influenced by the cultured Civilisations he encountered on the small islands of Micronesia while diving the Mariana Trench.

Its rumoured that the films ‘good guys’ will be visiting some of Polyphemus’s other moons. Probably in their big fancy spaceships that I’ve always wanted to be on *sad face.

James Cameron also said the movie probably wont be named Avatar 2, as Jake was no longer an Avatar at the end of the first movie but rather a Na’vi.

They will hopefully stick to when they said they will include more volcanoes and will also take place several years after the first movie. However this was stated 4 years prior to the scripts being completed so there might be a few tweaks here and there!

After experiencing a three year delay “Avatar” 2 will (hopefully) be released sometime in 2017!

I Cant wait…commence little girl scream!!!

Written by CelebMix