One Direction apparently Get Moody with Alan Carr but Fans Aren’t Buying It!

In an unsurprising turn of events; The Mirror has once again published an article that paints Louis, Harry, Niall, and Liam of One Direction in an absolutely terrible, and false, light.

When fans heard that One Direction would begin their hiatus officially at the beginning of 2016 they began going about trying to hold on to every part of the boys they could.  It’s not unusual for One Direction fans to travel across continents, oceans, or states to see Liam, Niall, Harry, and Louis live; but after their break was announced – the urgency became more real.  The fans, however, weren’t the only ones trying to get their hands on whatever parts of the boys they could before this chapter drew to a close.

Media outlets soon began putting together their most awful smear campaign to date and it seems to keep growing more obvious, with each article posted, that their paychecks are soon coming to an end.  These outlets are doing absolutely ANYTHING they can to get clicks on their incredibly distasteful pieces of “journalism” that hold little to no truth.

Much like the “winter girlfriend” that fans expect from December 7th until about “the first day of spring – see ya later” – the smear campaign against the boys of One Direction is nothing new or surprising; but this year it just seems to be more personal, more vindictive, and more disgusting – almost like these “journalists” are finally realizing that once Niall, Liam, Louis, and Harry return from their break – with hopefully an entire new team and more freedom – they won’t have four boys to capatalize off of anymore because there won’t be as many secrets, half truths, and hidden parts associated with One Direction.

So what seems to be today’s completely false story?  That Louis and his bandmates were ‘stroppy’ and moody on Chatty Man with Alan Carr.

The fan -fiction style piece of journalism proceeds to say that the boys were all grumpy and refused to take part in a dance off which made the mood on the set uncomfortable for everyone but things were brought to a head when Louis Tomlinson threw his phone across the stage which caused the audience to just gasp in absolute shock and horror while poor Alan was forced to retrieve the selfish pop star’s phone…


Okay; sure Jan.

Then the writer takes a stab at Harry, calling him a “party pooper” for not wanting to dance on the show, the same show that had dancers in costumes resembling the boys already prepared for a dance-off which sort of signifies that this was never actually meant to be a performance for Louis, Harry, Liam, and Niall anyway – but God forbid someone in the general media open their eyes and use common sense before talking about One Direction.

Then an inevitable tension that will definitely be what causes the foreseeable and ultimate end to One Direction was brought up as Louis was a proper meanie to his sweet bandmate Niall when lyrics to Change Your Ticket were brought up and Louis made a silly remark about Niall changing what had previous been written by Louis and Liam.  Louis then, apparently, said something about the length of their break but it is questioned why any of the other lads would want to come running back to work with such a mean spirited guy such as Louis.

This is what people are writing about Louis, Harry, Liam, and Niall and worse even than that, this is what people are believing about them.

The best part of the article didn’t come from The Mirror, or that writer, but from fans who were at the Chatty Man taping that absolutely destroyed any claims made in the publication they put out. Fans said the boys were a joy to be around, they were especially interactive with one another during their breaks from filming, and that any of the “snide” remarks made were all done in good fun and humor between the lads. Many fans have been tweeting directly at The Mirror telling them to prepare to look absolutely foolish after the episode airs later this evening.

After 5 years of constantly being in the public eye, five years of rumors, lies, and media training, and after five years of some incredibly great times – but in the same breath – some hard ones too; we can’t forget that perhaps the boys really are getting a bit tired.  With their break within arms reach we’re sure that, just like us, they expected – or hoped – that the media might give it a break and report on some of their best times over the last five years, or even the last five months, and give them a solid “goodbye for now”.

The general consensus may be to slander the boys as much as possible until the paychecks stop rolling in and another celebrity or musician has to be the target of nasty, mean, downright awful articles; but not here.  At CelebMix you’ll see us sending Harry, Louis, Niall, and Liam out as they deserve to be sent out; with respect and love so that when they come back – they’ll be welcomed into a place of peace they’ve deserved for so long.

We’ll leave the lies and negativity for someone else. 



Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.