One Direction Amaze Fans with Love You Goodbye

While every song on Made In The A.M was heavily anticipated – Love You Goodbye was at the top of the list for most fans of One Direction.  The song, written by Louis Tomlinson, gave fans insight into a bit of his more personal side.  During a recent interview Louis said about the track “I feel that’s the one that I put the most personal influence to”.

This had fans going absolutely crazy as they waited for a glimpse into what personal touches Louis would put on a song with a title like that one.  Fans who got to hear the songs early said that the track was a bit edgy, a bit sexy, and a bit less of a break up song and more of the steamy night after a big fight where you don’t exactly know where to go from there – but you show up anyway, dressed to the nines and you know that leaving is the last thing you actually plan on doing.

This is an incredible synopsis for a song written by Louis; it’s an incredible song to be sang by Harry, Louis, Liam, and Niall.

This is what fans were talking about when they’ve said they knew One Direction had talent far beyond what’s been showcased of them thus far.  This is what the boys meant when they said this album was a bit more grown up than ones in the past.

Love You Goodbye showcases them in a new light and it is one dusky spotlight full of emotion that has set the fandom ablaze.

“Why you wearing that to walk out of my life?
Oh even though it’s over you should stay tonight
if tomorrow you won’t be mine
won’t you give it to me one last time
oh baby let me love you goodbye.”

Louis, Harry, Liam, and Niall are breaking their cookie cutter boy band image and adding more raw, honest, and age appropriate songs to their albums.  Love You Goodbye is sure to go down as one of their most sensual songs yet and probably ever.  A song like Love You Goodbye only comes around once and if you’re lucky enough to have the inspiration for it and write it into perfect lyrics on top of an amazing backbeat; it’s something that should be treasured.

When you listen to the song in it’s entirety you can tell it’s coming from someone who’s found themselves at a crossroads with a person that they love – wondering if it is worth it, thinking that it’s coming to an end.  You start at the point where you wonder if things will ever be okay again, thinking there’s no way you could even stay friends – then the person you love shows up and you know they look too good to be apologizing and admitting where they were wrong.  The mood takes you in and suddenly you find yourself with more desire than you’ve had for them in a long time and you realize that in that moment nothing else matters but both of you right then.  You enjoy a steamy night together and then your feelings start to come back.  You remember the passion and why what you had was worth fighting for, you think maybe instead of an end you could both do some rearranging.  You taste their lips and suddenly it all makes sense again.

If you haven’t experienced this type of love – you truly haven’t lived.  There’s something wildly sexy about loving someone who has the power to drive you absolutely mad at the same time that they drive you wild.

No one in a relationship like this has an easy time walking away.

The people who were sure this was a break up song must have missed the deeper emotions in not just the lyrics but the vocal power that was spread through the song.

This is a song about longing.

This is a song about knowing that love is hard but it’s too good to let go.

This is a song about treasuring a moment, even if a moment seems to be all you’ve got left. 

The biggest surprise and wow moment for this track is Louis’ high note towards the end of the song – we still haven’t picked our jaws up off of the floor yet.

Louis was nervous for too long that his vocals weren’t as strong as the rest of the lads and unfortunately his lack of solos and strong parts in the songs only made him feel like he was correct in those thoughts – while they were never true – he has certainly abandoned them with this album as he gives us his all and takes our breath away.

During the two minute mark Louis loses all abandon with his soft voice and beautiful high note

“One more taste of your lips just to bring me back
to the places we’ve been and the nights we’ve had
because if this is it 
then at least we could end it right”

met by Harry’s sultry

“Oh why you wearing that to walk out of my life”

Not only is Louis’ talent showcased through the song; all of the lads sound absolutely incredible as they hit lows, highs, and each add their own passion into this specific track.

This song won’t be easy to take off of repeat for any of us for a long time to come.

“Baby, let me love you goodbye.”

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.