One Direction And Justin Bieber Aren’t Fighting

After months of anticipation and wondering who was going to come out on top, there is only 1 day left until the release of One Direction’s Made In The A.M and Justin Bieber’s Purpose. Niall Horan of One Direction spoke to Digital Spy about the upcoming battle and insists they are not fighting.

Even though everyone around the world is making One Direction and Justin Bieber album releases a competition, Niall said “It’s happened to us before. We’ve released albums on the same day as Rihanna and stuff like that, but it just happens to be – on the internet – made into a big deal that it’s Bieber.” He added that “it’s fine, he’s got good tunes, we’ve got good tunes, and we don’t really see it as who’s going to win.”

Niall thinks that One Direction and Justin Bieber releasing their albums the same day is “good for pop culture” and “that something like this is going to happen.” He also wants to make it clear to everyone that “there’s no fighting involved at all.”

He admits that he is feeling a little bit nervous about the release of Made In The A.M. “When you’re making the album you don’t really get that nervous, you don’t think about it.” He explained that “It’s only when it gets closer to the actual release date when you’re doing promo, talking about it, releasing songs and stuff like that when it becomes quite nerve-racking.”

He said that “It’d be stupid to say that it’s not, because when you’re making it you love it because it’s your stuff, but you obviously don’t know what people are going to think of it.”

Made in The A.M and Purpose are both released tomorrow, November 13th.

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Written by CelebMix