One Direction and the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge

Nothing’s fine – we’re torn!

After five years of One Direction ; Harry, Louis, Liam, and Niall finally made it to the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge and it was an incredible experience for the band and their fans who streamed the performance from all around the world.

Greg James announced on November 8th via twitter that the lads would finally be making their way to the Live Lounge and that he would have the privilege of experiencing it with them as it would be a later than usual scheduled time.  The live lounge was also unique because Liam, Niall, Louis, and Harry got to sing six songs for the fans – two covers and four of their own!

Fans of One Direction filled Greg with praise, congratulations, and questions for the lads to discuss during their time together and Greg knew that this was a special moment for the entire One Direction family as he responded to a fan tweet a few hours before show time.

This was obviously a big moment; as the lounge has hosted musicians along the likes of Adele, David Grohl, Ed Sheeran, and Lady Gaga – it was long overdue and well deserved for One Direction to finally find time in their schedule to join the ranks.  The boys were humbled to be there and in a way, it was a beautiful pause at the end of five years, a page in between chapters for Niall, Harry, Louis, and Liam.

Before their official live lounge performance Greg took a moment to chat with the lads off camera about a few topics. One of them being if they could recall any of their favorite live lounge performances from the past; the lads said Little Mix and David Grohl were two of the best!

The boys couldn’t believe it took 5 years for them to get to the live lounge but said they guess it made sense with their hectic schedules.  Harry was on vocal rest so it took a little time to get to hear his responses to questions as he had to type them all out with an automated voice program but he made sure to remind Greg and the rest of the lads that this was a hiatus – three times in fact – confirming once again that they are NOT breaking up.

Greg asked if they document things and the boys answered for Harry that he had a scrap book for a while and Harry mentioned that loves bringing his camera about. Louis says he’s taken a lot more photos and they all agree that they’ve made more of an effort to keep a digital scrapbook through their phones.

They spoke about their favorite places, what they plan on doing with their time off, and how they’ll miss it all too before starting their vocal set.

The boys began the live lounge performance with Drag Me Down which has become an anthem for them and their fans.  The song was released during a time when Liam, Louis, Niall, and Harry really needed the fans as much as the fans needed them.  Almost as a song to the fans, for the fans, but also for the boys too – they released the tune that says ‘we’re not giving up, we’re not being pulled down, and as long as we’ve got you – we’ve got it all‘.  This song is sure to be a staple to One Direction for their entirety as the meaning and timing of the song was such a perfect fit.

Perfect was next and you could tell that this one is a favorite for the lads.  Harry being on vocal rest made it hard to not want to reach through the screen and hug him and tear him away from his microphone – but the thing Harry loves more than anything in this world are the fans and he gives them all he has and then some.  The song was a nice addition to the live lounge and a good choice because it got a lot of publicity, it’s got a fun message, and fans eat up that Louis and Harry wrote it together.

Harry, Louis, Niall, and Liam continued with Story of my Life which has become a staple to One Direction shows.  The song means just as much to the lads as it does to the fans and the way they truly reflect on their journey so far – professional and personal – as they sing it is obvious from the looks on their faces to the way their voices carry weight and love.

The first cover of the set was FourFiveSeconds which was absolutely incredible!!  The boys have taken some risks with some of their songs before but we totally think if they wanted to do more songs like this one in the future for themselves – well they’d own it.  The song was distributed just right between the lads, especially Louis’ solo.

With the media firing range that Louis seems to have stepped into as of late, this was the perfect statement for him to make.  This was beautifully executed. 

Infinity was the next performance and the boys again – hit all the right notes and sang their hearts out!  This is an incredible song too and holds a lot of emotion for the boys and the fans, Greg himself said this one caused some emotion to stir in him as the boys were preparing for their set.  Infinity is powerful and seeing the boys with the emotion as they sang it was a lovely treat to fans.

Last, but certainly not least, the boys gave fans the big surprise they’d mentioned earlier in the broadcast.

Before they started singing, Louis spoke “this is for you guys” and not one fan could contain their tears.

They performed Torn.

If you’ve been a One Direction fan from the beginning you know that Torn is an important song to the boys, to the fans, and to the entire experience.  Torn was the first song they sang together as a band – when fans got to watch five boys go from individuals chasing a dream to being put in a band and chasing a new one, seemingly within moments.  The boys performance of Torn on the X-Factor was beautiful, the boys performance of Torn on the live lounge was a dream.

The boys have become a four piece, they’ve experienced more in five years than most people will in their entire lives, and they’ve only grown stronger after every obstacle they’ve faced.

It truly felt to fans like they began with Torn and were lying the pen down on the first part of their story with it.

There are few things more special than sharing a moment with someone you’re a fan of – today; Louis, Harry, Niall, and Liam asked us to share in a little over 3 minutes of a memory with them.

They brought us into their arms in the best way they could and thanked us for everything we’ve done so far, and everything we’ll continue to do once they come back.  The live lounge was meant to be a performance, and a performance it was…this isn’t something One Direction fans will ever forget.

Thank you; Harry, Louis, Liam, and Niall for doing this for us, for singing your songs, and for finishing with Torn.  We never think we’ll find ways to love you more – and something like this happens and it just shows us that no matter what happens, and no matter how much time you spend away – we’ll be here with open arms when you come home.

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.