One Direction To Appear On Family Guy

The executive producers of the popular cartoon Family Guy recently announced a guest appearance of One Direction on the TV show! Despite their hiatus, the British-Irish boyband will appear in an episode of Family Guy soon, as reported by Entertainment Weekly.

The episode featuring the boy-band is focused on the show’s character Chris running for a homecoming king. The boys apparently appear in a campfire scene with a character called Stewie, who’s telling them some kind of a scary story about non-skinny jeans.

However, the band’s Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson are the only ones who actually recorded lines for the episode. Niall and Harry will also appear on the show, though.

Simon Cowell, the X Factor judge who put One Direction together is also involved in the scene.  We’re still not sure if he recorded any lines for the episode or not.

Even though it’s just a small guest spot in a cartoon show, it is a good way to get 1D’s name out in a different spotlight to a different group of people – some who wouldn’t normally be that interested in the group.

We’re looking forward to seeing what crazy camp-fire story Stewie has up his sleeve and how Louis, Liam, Niall, and Harry’s characters will react to it!


Written by CelebMix