Global pop phenomenon, One Direction, launching their new fragrance ‘Between Us’ in London ahead of it going on sale worldwide on 5th August.

One Direction are under appreciated and here’s why

You probably saw the title and thought, what? One Direction are HUGE how can they be under appreciated? They may be at the top, winning 8/9 TCAs recently and Drag Me Down doing exceptionally well but they are still under appreciated without people realising.

Liam: Liam does soooo much for everyone; he ensures that every fan has a smile on their face by dressing up on stage, tweeting and talking to them. Why is he so under appreciated? C’mon! He can sing, can write songs, is not that bad at dancing, is kind to everyone even if some don’t return it and interacts well with his audience. Yet he still isn’t recognised for this but ‘fans’ say; “this is why everyone prefers Harry” simply because he was with his family and didn’t want to stop for photos? He does not have to stop, it’s your choice waiting for him. He can such a lovely ball of happiness be treated like that? I don’t understand!

Louis: So lovely and small and lovely and did I mention lovely? He organised an entire magical evening so those children would have the best night of their lives. From a red carpet to holding it in the museum. He works with other charities without wanting recognition, writes amazing songs like No Control *discretely tries to dance* yet media articles focus on silly things like smoking and complete lies just to sell papers. Maybe if they wrote nice things for once they might sell more??? So why can’t people focus on the work Louis does for his band, charities, his family and friends and himself? For some crazy reason all this is looked over making him look like he has no substance whatsoever.

Niall: Niall just laughs and talks about sports that most of us have no idea what it’s about but we love to see him talking about something he is passionate about. However, Niall does not get any attention for his voice. Niall’s voice, like Louis’ is the glue to the band. He had what? Like 2 solos on UAN and now look at Drag Me Down! Yet this isn’t recognised? Niall took over on some of Zayn’s high notes on stage and hit them perfectly! Yes, he is amazing at playing guitar and being on stage but his voice is not recognised and it should be. He is just a happy ball of sunshine with a voice that makes him stand out from everyone else and it’s about time people realised. When you’re sitting in the car listening to Drag Me Down and your mom asks you who’s that singing, with the amount of solos it’s Niall. Shout it out the window! IT’S NIALL SINGING BIT**** okay but don’t swear it’s not nice!

Harry: My love, my favourite human being. One day, hopefully, I will meet him and tell him how amazing he is. Harry is not only under appreciated as part of One Direction but as a human being. You don’t even have to know him to see that he does not have one bad bone in his body. The amount of stupid articles written about Harry over the years is disgusting. Every female he is seen with he is dating, so if he’s seen with three different friends in a week he’s dating three women????? What on earth. Note to yourself: Harry is a person, he will soon find someone and when he does you cannot say vile things about them simply because you want to be in their position, be realistic. Anyway… Unfortunately, people believe what is written in papers so this horrible image that has stuck to Harry has lasted so long simply because people are too gullible and judge him before he even gets a chance to explain himself, even though he doesn’t need to. Lately though, he does what he wants without caring. From crying in A Year In The Making to now. Look at him on stage, wearing all kinds of boots and shirts that you don’t think would work but he works them. Harry was born for the stage and I actually aspire to be like him. Be comfortable in your own skin, spread love everywhere and wear what YOU want to without a care in the world. If you’re a female and want to wear men’s clothes or vice versa – do it. Harry is changing fame one step at a time, he is one powerful person that needs to be respected a hell of a lot more than he does.

Not only Harry, but Liam, Louis and Niall are also changing fame. You don’t have to be a fan, obviously not everyone is and that’s cool. Whether you like them or not that’s cool but there is no point hating on them and spreading rubbish as there is no rubbish to spread. You may think, she’s only saying this because she’s a fan. I’ve been a fan since The X Factor but that doesn’t mean I’m kissing their backsides. It’s 2015 and if you’re still hating on One Direction, please get out from under you rock.

They have been working non-stop for 5 years, they NEED this break! I know you want them touring all the time for new pictures and more videos of Lilo being Lilo and Harry falling and Niall’s solos but they are human. They need rest so this break is good. Just a break, not a split!

They are more than just a band.


Written by CelebMix