One Direction at the Royal Variety Performance 2015


With One Direction’s hiatus coming closer at a truly relentless pace, 1D fans all over the world are treasuring every last chance to see the lads before they take some well-deserved time off. Last night marked one of One Direction’s last performances on UK television at the Royal Variety Performance.

Yes, you read it right – all that’s left now is One Direction’s performance at the BBC Music Awards tomorrow, their appearance at Chatty Man on Friday and their performance at this year’s X Factor final on Sunday. A pre-recorded performance of the lads will air at Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve and after that the boys diaries are as empty as our wallets after Christmas shopping.

But let’s not think about that too much now, shall we? Back to the Royal Variety show.

Our four favourite lads sang ‘Perfect’, looking all handsome in sort of colour-coordinated outfits. The Royal Variety Performance gets recorded a few weeks prior to its transmission and this year’s edition was recorded on November 13th, a day most One Direction fans will remember as not only the release date of Made In The A.M., but also the day after 1D’s hailed performance in the live lounge.

And if you remember that day, you probably already know what we’re getting at here. November 12 was the day that gave us Robot Voice Harry, with Hazza being on vocal rest and using his iPhone to communicate. And with their Royal Variety Performance recorded just a day later, it’s not hard to hear that Harry is still struggling with his voice.

He pulls through though and if the massive applause is anything to go by, the audience quite enjoyed the song anyway. As did we.

It’s always fun to see One Direction in their own UK habitat since most British presenters seem to love them just as much as we do. Jack Whitehall, who hosted this year’s Royal Variety show, is no exception.

When the boys are done singing, Whitehall walks on stage dressed up as Harry Styles – unbuttoned snazzy shirt and fedora and all – asking the boys if they’d consider him as a fifth member. And while the whole making-fun-of-Harry’s-looks-thing is getting a bit old, it’s not that bad when one of their close friends is the one doing it. Louis, Liam and Niall are all cracking up and even Harry can’t keep a smile off his face.

It’s not all banter and laughs between Jack and the boys though, because he’s just as aware of the impending hiatus as we are and can’t let the boys walk off stage without thanking them for the past five years. He tells them “on behalf of everyone, thank you so so much for the memories”.

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

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Written by CelebMix