One Direction Covers and songs we’d like to see One Direction Cover

If you search One Direction songs on YouTube, you’ll come across some pretty incredible covers. There are individuals, duos, and bands who cover tunes from What Makes You Beautiful to Stockholm Syndrome and even History – to name a few – and do so with their own twist and personality on the tracks. We spent a few hours listening to covers and mashups from fans and other celebrities on YouTube and listed a few of our favorites below.

These covers got us thinking about the songs we’d like to hear One Direction take on when they come back. While they’ve done some incredible covers during their first chapter together – we’re STILL not over ‘FourFiveSeconds’ – there are a few songs we think they absolutely need to make their own when they come back, or you know, whenever they finally take that lads holiday and want to record one for their fans who miss them desperately. Either way.

That’s What I Like

Bruno Mars released 24K Magic and it was like a piece of musical heaven. Every song on the album is a banger. ‘That’s What I Like’ however, has something about it that makes it our favorite. It’s the beat, the lyrics, and his overall vibe. We think that Harry, Louis, Liam, and Niall would sound incredible on this song.

Fake Love

We had to add this one because, as we said earlier, we’re still not over ‘FourFiveSeconds’. There was something about their attitude on the song – especially Louis – that really made it stick for us. This song sort of suits the lads as well, we all know there have been people…especially lately…showing them fake love. Why not embrace it with a killer cover in the process?

Love Me Now

We’re suckers for a good love song, and this has to be one of the best. Just imagine Liam’s vocals on this tune. We think he would be a stand out on ‘Love Me Now’, but all of them would bring their talent to it and turn it into something indescribable. John’s version is absolutely perfect, but theirs would be a close second.


‘Starving’ is so catchy. We imagine the lads, especially Niall, singing this loud already anyway. So we’d much appreciate them coming together on this number.

Shape of You

The boys love Ed, hell, we all love Ed, and his songs have always had a huge impact on music. There are a few of Ed’s songs that we think the lads would cover incredibly well, but this has to be number one.

I Can’t Tell You Why

There’s no better explanation for this one than, it’s a classic. Plus, Niall would kill it.

I Can’t Get No Satisfaction

Once again, it’s a classic, we’d love to hear this one.

and last but certainly not least…


You know why…

While there are many other songs we think One Direction should absolutely cover, these are our first draft picks. They’re fun, they’re sexy, and they’re powerful – much like the lads themselves. Since there’s still an undisclosed amount of time for them to enjoy their hiatus (we know, they deserve it) we think it would be pretty awesome to start seeing some randomly posted videos of the lads hanging out, singing covers, and cutting loose. Hint Hint.

What songs should make our next post? Tweet us at @CelebMix and let us know what songs you’d like to see the lads cover and which covers of their songs are the best!

Written by Ashley

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