Surprise One Direction fans! Drag Me Down is here!

The boys of One Direction took the fan base by surprise on July 31st when they dropped their new hit single Drag Me Down in the middle of the night in the US, early in the morning in the UK. There was absolutely no promotion, not a single hint, nothing but a tweet by Liam Payne followed soon after by the rest of his band mates that caused a fandom to go absolutely crazy for the banger. In under 45 minutes the single was number 1, the internet was buzzin with talk about Drag Me Down, and the boys were absolutely on cloud 9.

With it’s wild success, there was absolutely no way they couldn’t make a video for the hit! We were only given two hints about what to expect; one, it was filmed at NASA and two, it would be released within the next couple weeks. With fans listening to Drag Me Down daily it was hard to wait to see what they would give us.

On August 20th there were a few music video stills that surfaced following a tweet from @GMB, which has since been deleted, that said we could expect a preview of the Drag Me Down video from them the morning of the 21st.
DMD Vid - in progress. 2

All the photos managed to do was drive One Direction fans even more crazy, make us all more anxious for the day we’d finally get to see the video in full.

Now finally, the wait for the full video, is over!

At 1:30 am (US time) Louis posted this tweet and dropped the video on us, again, with no real warning!

Drag Me Down premiered and it is out of this world, at least the last 5 seconds are. Okay, I had to use one pun, inspired by Harry Styles himself. The video takes us through three and a half minutes of the boys looking incredible walking around NASA and it is amazing.

While Simon Jones PR gives us the tech specs, we’ll give you the best bits! It starts with a shot of all four boys in space suits with a count down until taken off before focusing in for a close up of Harry Styles and his gorgeous face and hair.   While the song picks up tempo the camera pans out and you see the rest of the lads come into focus.  They’re dressed in street clothes exploring the grounds, and they are smiling and happy doing it.  Harry is seen getting familiar with a robot while Liam goes through ‘space training’.  Niall is seen in a harness swinging around like you would in space with no gravity, and Louis is seen in a make shift cockpit learning the ropes.  The entire set up is amazing, I’ll admit I half expected a really corny video of the boys in space the entire time, but we were given a glimpse into something totally different than what many of us anticipated with this video, and I am pleasantly surprised.

The camaraderie in the video is a nice change too, since the Night Changes music video was more of a solo venture with no interaction between the boys as a group.  With the year One Direction has had, a video showing them together and having fun was much needed for not only them, but for the fans!  If you can look away from the fun setting they’re in and focus on their faces and body language you can see how much they’re really enjoying not only filming the video, but being together, being a band, getting to keep chasing their dreams.  Aside from the video for What Makes You Beautiful, I haven’t seen them smile like that in a music video before, and it’s quite lovely.

Liam may have confirmed that the boys are taking a bit of a break next year, but after the wild success of Drag Me Down’s single and now anticipated success of the video, I believe more than ever that One Direction picked this song, this video, this moment, for a reason.

Drag Me Down remains the anthem that screams “We are here, we are better than ever, and we are ready to make a new name for ourselves.” 

It says, “Thank you to the fans, thank you to the boys next to me, and thank you to anyone who supports us, because of you we get to chase our dreams and we are nowhere near finished!”

Change is coming for One Direction and their fans, but it’s something we’ve been waiting on for a long time now, something the boys have deserved and needed for years.  It’s something that can’t be put off any longer.

I for one, can’t wait to see what the next singles, the next album, and the next year have in store for the boys.

Harry, Louis, Liam, Niall; you smashed it again lads. We are extremely proud of you, we are always impressed with you, and we love you so much!

“With your love, nobody can drag me down”

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Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.